Thinking About Booking a Trip?

When booking a guided trip, choosing the right operator can be a difficult task. Do they have a good reputation and enough experience? Where can I go if I have questions? Will I be able to do this? How are the accommodations? Am I getting the best price and best value for my money? How does safety fit into the picture?

These are probably just a few of the questions you may have. Allow me to touch on what we offer our guests.


In Colorado
• Local contact to guide you through the booking process and answer questions. Face to face meetings, presentations, seminars.

• The insight gained from my twenty years as a CMH guest- 26 weeks heli-skiing, 3 weeks heli-hiking. I’ll share with you those little tips that will make your experience that much better.

• Pre heli-ski clinics at local ski areas. Come ski with me for a day.

• I’ve been a skier since I was two- skiing is in my blood!

In Canada
• The oldest operation in the business. CMH invented heli-skiing in 1965, heli-hiking in 1974 and they’ve been running trips continuously ever since.

• Eleven lodges and eleven areas for heli-skiing in the Columbia Mountains of British Columbia. Two lodges and two areas for summer adventures. Each area averages 1,700 km².

• An enormous amount of flexibility in choosing just the trip you want- price, length, date, terrain, “theme”, etc. If you are interested in heli-skiing or summer adventures, chances are good we have just the trip you are looking for!

• Your safety is our main concern. We have 49 years of constant improvement in our safety standards, which are those of the industry.

• Comfortable, luxurious mountain lodges and gourmet food.